Public Relations awarded at 12th Press Festival

By announcing the results of the 12th National Festival of Public Relations’ Press, it came out that Isfahan municipality’s public relations organization was placed 10th in different sections while being recognized as the bests of the festival. The organization also received certificates of appreciation as well as the festival’ statuette.

The festival was attended by a number of lecturers, managers, experts, and scholars of public relations major in the House of Artists, IMAN announced, reporting: best works of printing press and electronic press in 27 majors were praised, among which Isfahan municipality accomplished to receive appreciation certificates in various sections.   

Ranks held by Isfahan Municipality’s Public Relations  

Celebrated by the efforts of expert association of the country’s public relations, the festival hosted over 150 organs including public relations of Isfahan municipality.

The organization of Isfahan Public Relations ranked first in photography and page layout sections, and second provincial place in sections of report, interview, editorial, article, and brochure.

Isfahan Municipality's Cultural Recreational Organization won the 4 top ranks in the sections of written advertising, social media, special issues, and infographics. Also the third place for the website section went to the organization.

The statement of the festival jury in brief

The jury stated a brief explanation of the festival as follows:

“According to the announcement released by the panel of experts, more than 1500 works in 27 branches were introduced to the festival’s secretariat which shows the festival is tremendously welcomed as past years.

Reviewing the works participated in the festival indicates that although the printing & electronic press of the public relations organ enjoy a considerable growth in quality, they still need programing specially in deploying new techniques in electronic press.”

The jury finally expressed its grateful thanks to all national public relations organizations whose participation in the festival has proved the worth of the event, causing more durability and pace in scientific and practical trainings more than ever.

Public Relations of Isfahan municipality prospers in different festivals

The manager of public relations organization has succeeded in joining various festivals over the recent two years and owning different ranks, out of which we could name: the management star by the public relations in the commemoration ceremony of Public Relations Day, shining in the 12th provincial festival of public relations, top rank in prayers across the country etc.

The municipality of Isfahan has long paid great attention to updated ideas as the most significant policies and pre-determined plans in the public relations organ, in the way that it has been widely accepted by citizens in terms of appropriate perspectives with urban life approach.  

Today, taking advantage of printing advertisements is considered as a major element to showcase a full package of capabilities. Thus, Isfahan municipality has put it high on its policy agenda.

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