750 thousand trees & shrubs planted in Isfahan

The manager of Parks & Green Space Organization for Isfahan municipality: 750 thousand trees and shrubs were planted throughout the city over the past two years.

Ahmad Soleymanipour as the manager declared while speaking to IMNA reporter: regarding the critical water conditions in Isfahan, we need to make optimum use of water.

He continued: those water-consuming plants such as plane that we have inherited form the past need great amount of water to grow.

Soleymanipour stated: Parks & Green Space Organization has placed optimal water management high on its agenda, and performed number of activities in this regard including: watering plants at night in warm seasons because the evaporation lessens during nights while water pressure increases.

Sometimes land subsidence caused the water to waste through under the road curbs when plants were being watered”, he added and announced that such curbs were all replaced by new ones.

 Soleymanipour further noted that organizing some parks is now on the agenda of the municipality which includes restoring pavements, reforming lands and plants.    


 "Water shortage has led to using wastewater, so following the city council ratifications some credits has been allocated to some refineries in order to purify wastewater in 4 or 5 spots of the city", he announced.   

He then informed that large water pipelines are designed in a circular way around the city to irrigate all the green space.

He finally wished permanent water to preserve the green space everywhere.  

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