Deprivation removal stands top on the agenda/ Isfahan

Removing deprivation as a leading approach in Isfahan urban management is defined as a fair distribution of services in all regions.

According to IMNA News Agency, Isfahan municipality has placed developmental projects and various services high on the agenda in order to equally distribute services in both northern and southern parts of the city. So through the program of “Every Week, A Few Openings”, deprivation has gradually disappeared in all 15 districts of the city.  

The chairman of Isfahan City Council, Reza Amini, mentions the deprivation removal as one of the main concerns of urban authorities, declaring: The budget for the job has raised about 78 billion tomans over 13 years.

Amini reminds: urban management of Isfahan is more than ever paying attention to citizens, city quarters, citizens’ rights, citizens’ social involvement, and double scientific efforts.

He explained that years ago after the urbanization grew around Zayandeh-Roud River of Isfahan, rich families established their houses around the river and poorer walks moved to the northern parts of the city where there was no river, and they caused the population growth.

The official emphasizes that the deprivation removal is performed through short, mid and long-term actions, which are prioritized in three groups of immediate, necessary, and normal. The urban management, however, has granted various cultural and sport services to such districts; in addition, it has improved the highway network, passages, public transportation, and supplying desirable infrastructures.

Mayor of Isfahan, Mehdi Jamalinejad, also believes that: “we are seeking for improving sustainable development based on justice spread and granting equal services; so we need to look into the future so much meticulously”, “we are to preserve the city’s cultural heritage rather than misusing them, since they do belong to next generations as well.

Thus Isfahan municipality is stepping forward to remove deprivation from poorer areas of the city. Furthermore, it is attempting to implement the project in collaboration with private sectors.

An official says in this regard: Isfahan municipality have fortunately acted well in attracting private capital, so different projects of civil engineering, cultural, and recreational will be done in collaboration with private sectors.

It is worth mentioning in the end that different parts of a city is in the need of particular services, so a comprehensive look at urban programs could bring about joy, social & cultural welfare for the society.  

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