Isfahan is hosting a revolution in beautification

Isfahan mayor said: Isfahan has had a revolution in beautification projects of the municipality, but all the unattractive parts of the city need to be totally eradicated.

IMNA reports from The Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality: The meeting for Beautification Organization of Isfahan municipality was held in presence of Isfahan mayor, head of the commission for cultural, social, and sporting affairs of Isfahan City Council, municipality’s deputy for culture and society, and the deputy for urbanization and architecture of Isfahan municipality.      

Isfahan mayor Mehdi Jamali Nejad stated in the meeting: Fine projects have been implemented in Beautification Organization of Isfahan municipality but they should be more carefully protected.  

Referring to the fact that the unattractiveness must be removed from everywhere in the city, Jamali Nejad said: The most beauty for a city is to have numerous green spaces, regarding which excellent activities have fortunately been done so far.

People’s cooperation needed for the beautifications

Further at the meeting, head of the commission for cultural, social, and sporting affairs of Isfahan City Council declared: people’s cooperation is highly expected to help the beautification projects grow.

Asghar Azarbaijani also stressed that needed efforts must be made to make people be familiarized with the names of the city passageways.

The member of Isfahan City Council, Asghar Azarbaijnai, then continued that the theme of bicycles in the city was a very nice job in the field of beautification. More creativity and using various mottos are still needed in this regard, Azarbaijani added.    

Other projects of the Beautification Organization for the current year were also discussed in the meeting such as: Designing and building the symbols of urban memories and conceptual symbols, murals, designing special urban furniture for the pavements, building prayer rooms in parks, creating special furniture for historical texture of the city, making recreation centers for the youth, building bus stations with special designs, creating the Tunnel of Light, producing a strategic plan for the Beautification Organization.

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