Urban marketing organization necessary in Isfahan

Pointing to the significance of placing all activists who affect Isfahan’s image in the eyes of its addressees, Isfahan mayor Mehdi Jamali Nejad announced: Common programs must all work under the umbrella of Isfahan Municipality’s Urban Marketing.

IMNA reports quoting from Mehdi Jamali Nejad: Today, most cities around the world are participating in a breathtaking competition in order to achieve the best capitals including human and non-human. They, therefore, have resorted to adopt urban brands and also effective marketing ways under the title of “Urban Marketing”.

The mayor continued: Lack of programming in urban marketing esp. in a most-visited city like Isfahan will result into appearing self-centered organs and companies which work freely without being observed.  

Jamali Nejad then pointed out that Isfahan municipality has offered the Organization of Urban Marketing in Isfahan metropolis based on various researches, current analyses, as well as the aims of strategic plan of “Isfahan in 2021”.  

He confirmed: Key tasks of the earlier said organization are creating a brilliant perspective for Isfahan branding and strategic planning, producing outreach documents with the approach of cooperation between public and private sections in order to make the optimum use of the brand, performing policies, creating coordination between organs in the field of marketing and Isfahan branding.     

He then reminded that this is the route that the majority of the cities worldwide have passed, so it is of a high necessity for the city of Isfahan as well.

 “No section will be able to guide and manage urban marketing without the Organization of Urban Marketing, let alone the branding”, Jamali Nejad confirmed.

This method has successfully been tried in marketing of many pioneering cities of the universe such as Amsterdam, Athens, Izmir, Basel, Gothenburg, and Rotterdam, Isfahan mayor admitted and added: In order to codify an urban marketing, branding and applying the strategies, Isfahan first needs to establish an organization matching the urban marketing.  

Jamali Nejad finally considered having such an organization very essential to at least manage the existing activities, identify the urban products and analyze them, and also design and perform new projects with focusing on marketing system and branding.  

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