Impressive role of the municipality to develop a creative city

After joining the World Creative Cities Network, the city of Isfahan has grown acceptably in the field of tourism.

According to IMNA, one of the proceedings to boost tourism, is making the world’s people trust that city. In other words, the city should be raised in international communities in order for people around the world to be familiar with that city and choose it as a travel destination.

Based on the earlier information, Isfahan municipality attended the Creative Cities Network. The network is working under the control of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). This title has brought Isfahan an increase in tourism.

The official head of Creativity and Innovation Center of Isfahan municipality, Mohammad Ali Izadkhasti, pointed to the sudden raise in tourism industry of Isfahan and mentioned: Isfahan has received one of the world standards after joining the international network of creative cities. 

The most significant goal of UNESCO in creating such network is promoting international cooperation among the members as well as facilitating investment in the area of creativity, empowering urban development, and enhancing social participation.

Urban creativity is not an abstract concept, it is however appearing the scientific & practical ability of managers and scientists of a city, and also benefiting from the creative capacity of the genius, the public, and NGOs; in a way that the member cities can equally reach all the aspects of culture, economy, and social. 

A city chosen as a creative city based on the 7 registered fields in UNESCO (literature, crafts and folk, music, media arts, gastronomy, film, and design), must implement its approaches and creative solutions in one of the 7 fields.

In Iran, the city of Rasht in the field of gastronomy, and the city of Isfahan in crafts and folk, attended the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2016.

Isfahan plays a significant role in developing a creative city

It is crystal clear that only attending the World Network of Creative Cities would not suffice, but municipalities of each city can be impressive enough to fulfill this goal.

Iran’s president in UNESCO Social Science Committee, Sheida Mahnam, added: “We, unfortunately, could have joined this world network with more cities from Iran, but municipalities did not make effort”, “Isfahan and Rasht municipalities; however, called on officially to attend the network in two fields of crafts and gastronomy respectively. Fortunately they achieved the required result.” 

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