People express satisfaction with Isfahan municipality

It has always been necessary for major cities of the world with high traffic to deploy a kind of transportation that makes commutes faster and easier by creating special roadways for the buses. This system is what today we know as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

As IMNA reports, BRT is neither used in Tehran only, nor is it an unknown, complicated system for citizens in metropolises. These buses, replacing the old ones, are simply larger buses with doors on the left side, driven on their special roadways.

There is no doubt that BRT is useful because of its unique features like its high speed with fewer stops which will result in lower number of private cars, less traffic, and therefore reduction of the air pollution; moreover, the station platforms are level with the bus floor so it makes boarding easier and accessible for elders and disabled passengers.

The low BRT fares make it the second best transportation system in the cities after metro.

The BRT system in the city of Isfahan was first set up from Ghaemieh to Azadi Sq. in the first half of the Iranian year of 1390, and later it continued up to Baghoushkhaneh terminal. It is planned to cover the other regions of the city as well.

Based on the latest survey carried on by scholars of Isfahan University, more than 90% of BRT passengers are pleased with this system in Isfahan.

BRT lines of Isfahan will extend by 195 kms

“BRT lines in the city of Isfahan are 20 Kilometers now, but they are planned to lengthen up to 195 Kilometers,” deputy of transportation and traffic for Isfahan municipality announced.     

Alireza Salavati also stated: “According to plans of Isfahan municipality, 13 BRT lines will be set up until 2021, of which seven of them will be launched by the end of the current year.”

He pointed that carrying more than 2 million passengers daily by buses is among the most important goals of traffic and transportation deputy of Isfahan municipality.

Noting with satisfaction that the BRT buses have stepped in district 15 of Isfahan, deputy of transportation and traffic for Isfahan municipality added, “The transportation in Isfahan focuses on four premises: bicycles, public transportation, smart transportation, and educating the culture of traffic.”

BRTs serve rapid commutes, quality ventilation, and short delay time

I, therefore, decided to interview people on how well they welcomed the new Brt line on Jey Ave.

A taxi driver, while looking at the BRT line, replied that he really liked the project since people can commute to works faster. He expressed wonder that people do not exceed the special line for BRTs.

A woman, who introduced herself as a staff of Water & Wastewater Company, was hearing me and the cab driver talking. She came towards us declaring: “I have taken two rides on such buses. They are amazingly good”,” We need to be grateful to Isfahan municipality for exploiting these new buses with no air pollution.”

A young lady was also feeling satisfied with BRT buses because of having no traffic on the way and not being so much crowded on the buses. She also mentioned that the buses arrive at short intervals, which is another reason they are warmly welcomed.

Besides being happy with the whole system, she warned that there are no guardrails around the BRT line on Jey Ave., and something should be done before bad accidents happen.  

Traffic experts believe that BRT lines have resulted in good time management and an evolution in citizens’ welfare and commutes in numerous cities worldwide, and hopefully have had satisfactory results in the city of Isfahan, too.

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