30 August 2015 - 10:59
Isfahan, is quite special: Zargarpur

ISFAHAN (Imna) Governor General of Isfahan said that Isfahan is a political city and in many cases, it has taken away from developments by challenges of politics.

Governor General of Isfahan, Rasoul Zargarpur, speaking in "strategic management training course" which was organized by the Expediency Council and with the cooperation of the iranian elites said that Iran wants managers to take strategic decisions and overcome by the accelerated events that occur both inside and outside the country.
Pointing to the usefulness of these courses, "after spending such courses managers at the entrance to issues ranging from the realistic approach will be taken",  he added.
"Isfahan is quite special and in partnership with many of the functions of the national side", Zargarpour said.
Ha named Isfahan as the most industrialized province in the country and said that there are about 15 percent of the Gross National Product of the country in Isfahan.
"Isfahan is one of the best provinces in the fields of tourism, handicrafts, agriculture, petrochemical, nuclear energy and so on" he said.
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