Isfahan Mayor announced that by the consultation of Minister of Roads and Urban Construction and CEO of Roads and Urban Construction, the Management of Isfahan's textile spinning factory is given to Isfahan Municipality to offer more services to the public.

According to IMNA, Ghodratollah Norouzi announced at the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Urban Construction that the municipality accepted the offer and tries to offer more services to the public, students of arts and architecture and fans of museums and heritage.

Norouzi said: with all the changes in the modern age, maintaining sustainable cities to avoid perilous future for humanity. Sustainable development is the solution to this matter.

He added: bear in mind that sustainable development is not putting positive impacts on living and next generations. All future generations will benefit from it.

Isfahan Mayor noted: sustainable development must be practiced with respect to citizens' rights from the environment to economy, from today to the far future.

According to Norouzi, renewable energy like the solar energy can contribute to the cause of sustainable development.

"Eradication of poverty, reforming revenue models, distribution of wealth in the society and providing services evenly across the society are not achievable without economic development," he added.

He stressed: sustainable urban development can lead to promotion of living quality, preservation of environment and respect to citizens' rights. This combination will lead to capital growth and social justice for citizens.

According to Isfahan Mayor, Germany, Japan and South Korea are among countries where achieved sustainable development through citizens' rights growth.

Education is the main road to promote public awareness and provide platform for creativity.

Norouzi said: education can definitely have a great impact on citizens' rights and will lead to stronger citizens' skills which can promote democracy and citizens' partnership in the society.

He said: schools, universities and media play an inevitable role in this path by holding relevant conferences and meetings.


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