Iran's Housing Minister

Ali Abdolalizadeh, Iran’s Former Housing Minister, in a meeting with the Isfahan Mayor Ghodratollah Norouzi and a number of city council members, said: if development of tourism industry is Isfahan's strategy, renovation of its historical sites and houses can become a massive source of revenue for the city.

According to IMNA, Abdolalizadeh said: city council is a new entity but their decision making can have long-term impacts on the city.

Public's Trust Managers' Secret to Success

Former Housing Minister said provincial and city managers' secret to success is to attract the public's trust. When the public sees the managers one of them, coming from the heart of the public, they trust them at all means.

He added: city management players must offer new ideas and designs. Four years are not enough for do much but it is enough time to make decisions.

Abdolalizadeh stated: the old structure of houses needs new ideas and designs more than physical construction. There must be thoughtful renovation behind them.

Abdolalizadeh mentioned his experience of similar sort in Tehran and said: when I took office in the renovation department in Tehran, there were 320 staff at the department. When I left the office, they were outsourced to private sector renovation office and only 30 staff remained in the office. I call our contribution to the private sector successful.

Former Housing Minister said: at renovation we must respect world experience and achievements. We can learn from them. We should not enter renovation process before picking any strategies.

Abdolalizadeh said: Isfahan must use national and regional advisors' expertise.


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