Isfahan metro stations

Chief Advisor of Isfahan Mayor announced: according to previous plans, the two remaining stations of the first metro line namely Imam Hossein and Inqleb will be completed by the end of the current Iranian year (late March, 2018).

Interviewed by IMNA reporter, Javad Sherbaf, evaluated the completion trend of the two stations at satisfactory stages because they have had growing development; we, therefore, expect their full exploitation by the due date. 

The authority then counted some obstacles on the way of completion such as traffic, blocking Chahar-Bagh Abbasi Ave., removing the avenue’s trees etc. The mentioned items finally led to ample archeological studies on the area to satisfy the cultural heritage concerns, he detailed.

He further added that best efforts are being made in order to finish the remaining stations by the end of Iranian calendar year, according to Isfahan mayor’s earlier promise.


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