Isfahan mayor

While inviting all classes of society to take part in the presidential and Islamic city council elections, Isfahan mayor held: We now are expecting the future-making Election Day for our country and our city, Isfahan. So the maximum participation will be a firm support for the Islamic Iran.

IMNA quotes from the mayor, Mehdi Jamali Nejad, saying: People should not act indifferently towards their city and country. He continued that a wide election can be a strong NO to the meaningless words that we are facing from other powers beyond the borders. 

The maximum participation in the election brings impressive results for us, of which the most significant one could be the security. That is the reason why no country in the world is courageous enough to violate Iranians’ rights.  

He mentioned that some outcomes such as Islamic Iran’s power, economy raise, and creating a heroic event will be fulfilled only by the great participation in the election.   

Finally at his speech, Isfahan mayor stated that today, May 19th, Isfahan citizens will create another heroic event which the history will never forget.


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